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Sat, 18 Jan by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

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Breaking into Calgary Housing Market in 2014

Sat, 18 Jan by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

Breaking into Calgary Housing Market in 2014. What Do Buyers Need to Know

Calgary Homes & Condos are selling more rapidly than 2009 to 2012.

It’s a Calgary Seller’s market in 2014, similar story as 2013.

Housing Inventory is down: less number of homes for Buyers to choose from.

So good quality homes that are priced right will not be on the market for very long. A matter of days in a few key areas of Calgary. There can be multiple Offers and homes can sell at List price. Buyers who keep waiting for a home to drop in price can be disappointed since it could easily sell if it’s close to market value. This is where Buyers need a  REALTOR® to guide them on price and market value. Buyers can get caught up in the hype and over pay. So speak to your REALTOR® about market value for community you are buying in.  Ask your REALTOR® what is the Average Drop Price for Calgary community you are planning to buy in.

Calgary Buyers who procrastinate & are indecisive will miss out!  If you see a home or condo that stands out from the crowd and looks like great value, don’t wait. The 2014 market is fast and many buyers will be looking at the same property, for the same reasons. A REALTOR®  can help Buyers make an informed decision in a fast market that is in the interest of the Buyer.

Calgary Market Conditions                    2013                 2014 (Forecast)

  • Seller’s Market                        Yes                  Yes
  • Single Family Home Price Gain         7.8%                 3.8%
  • Net Migration to Calgary              19,000              15,000
  • Rental Vacancy Rate                    1.0%                 1.2%
  • Calgary  GDP                           3.4%                 3.7%
  • USA GDP                                1.6%                 2.5%

(Data taken from CREB 2014 Economic Outlook & Regional Housing Forecast)

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Arbour Lake – Calgary’s only NW LAKE Community

Tue, 14 Jan by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

ARBOUR LAKE Community Information

Arbour Lake is situated above Crowfoot Village and is bordered by John Laurie Blvd., Nosehill Drive, Country Hills Drive NW and Stoney Trail North.  With its breathtaking mountain views, this neighborhood is also the only NW Community to boast its own lake.  The lake brings the community together for annual fishing derbies, paddleboard races and for bouncing on its water trampoline.

The Arbour Lake Community Association has worked since the early 1990s to create a welcoming and engaged community.  Offering a variety of programs for Arbour Lake residents of all ages, they are pleased to offer discounted rates due to the subsidy paid through its annual member fees.


Arbour Lake Elementary students go to school in the neighboring community of Citadel for k-4, then return to the Arbour Lake School for grades 5 – 9.  This new middle school opened its doors in 2007 and has over 800 students and it fosters a project-based learning environment and encourages mentoring to create a better sense of community.   For highschool, grades 10-12 students attend also in Arbour Lake the Robert Thirsk School.  This school newly opened in the fall of 2013 and sits atop a hill with gorgeous mountain views and can accommodate up to 1500 students.

Professional Tutoring also offered through an Alberta-Certified Teacher at the Tuscany Tutor.  Contact: 403 473 6923, or by email at:

School Contact Information:

ChildsPlace PreSchool

Location: 12 Arbour Lake Drive NW, Calgary AB T3G 4A3

Phone: 403.241.6232

Citadel Park School (K-4)

Location: 808 Citadel Drive N.W., Calgary AB T3G 4B8

Phone: 403.777.8063


Arbour Lake School (5-9)

Location: 27 Arbour Crest Drive NW, Calgary AB T3G 4H3

Phone: 403.777.7310


Robert Thirsk High School (10-12)

Location: 8777 Nose Hll Drive NW, Calgary AB T3KG 5T3

Phone: 403.817.3400


The Tuscany Tutor

Phone: 403 473 6923



ARBOUR LAKE Shopping and services

With access to the Calgary Transit LRT in Crowfoot, you can easily travel anywhere quickly from this community, but why would you want to?  The selection of shopping just steps from your front door in Crowfoot Village is all encompassing.

Enjoy dining at The Keg, Montana’s, Joey’s, Boston Pizza, Good Earth, Chianti’s, Sakana Grill or Denny’s, and then take in a movie at the Cineplex Odeon Theatre.  Workout at the YMCA or Hot Yoga Studio, then take in a massage at The Spa Ritual.  Go shopping at Mark’s, Chapters, Sport Chek, Moore’s, Urban Barn, Lammle’s Western Wear or Atmosphere.

Also offered are walk-in medical clinics, family clinics, medical specialists, and  top of the line diagnostic imaging centres encompassing all your health needs.

Crowfoot also offers a Co-op, Safeway, Amaranth Whole Foods and an array of fast food and convenience stores.


ARBOUR LAKE Real Estate and ARBOUR LAKE Homes For Sale are available at CIR REALTY, please call 403 608 5682 for ARBOUR LAKE Homes for Sale.

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ARBOUR LAKE Community Links:

The Tuscany Tutor

ChildsPlace PreSchool

Arbour Lake School (5-9)

Robert Thirsk High School (10-12)

Arbour Lake Residents Association

Arbour Lake Community Association

Amaranth Whole Foods Market

Calgary’s Best Neighborhood Article

Crowfoot Crossing Shopping

Hot Yoga

The Spa Ritual

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Calgary Home Buyers: Conditions have been removed what is next?

Sat, 11 Jan by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

Conditions Have Been Removed! Congratulations. What is Next for Buyer?

Once Conditions have been removed the purchase is a firm sale and the property is sold.

Please make sure you stay in contact with the three most important professionals to assist you through your next phase to Possession day:

REALTOR®: will ensure the document conveyancing is done and the two lawyers involved are informed. Your REALTOR®  will complete the Walk Through, usually day before the Possession day with the Buyer to ensure the property is in a similar condition as the Showing Day.  REALTOR® will also hand over the keys to the Buyer on Possession Day. Your REALTOR®  will ensure a smooth purchase and ensure any details with lawyers, mortgage agent, and seller are completed.

Lawyer: will complete necessary documents for Land Title transfer, Title Insurance if required, RPR compliance, mortgage document signing, etc. The Buyers will meet your lawyer to sign all documents the week before possession.

Mortgage Agent: will assist you with the mortgage documents and ensure you have house insurance in place. Payment schedule will be set up with frequency of payments, etc. Life insurance will usually be discussed. The Buyer usually has the option to choose their life insurance company.

Other activities to be completed by Buyer are:

House Insurance: this is mandatory especially if you have a mortgage. Shop around for best rates. It’s often a good idea to check out the Insurance Broker/Company where you have car insurance. They may give you discount for house insurance if you have car insurance at same place.

Moving Contractor: make sure you plan ahead and book a Contractor.
Important: don’t book Contractor for the Possession day in the morning. You don’t get the keys until approx. 1 pm.

Life Insurance: is not mandatory but needs thinking about if you have a family to support. Can be purchased through Mortgage Lender you have chosen, or you can go to an independent life insurance Broker.

Utility companies need to be notified that you are moving in on possession day.
Such as gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet. Don’t forget to cancel your utilities at your present residence.

Property Taxes: speak to City of Calgary (if you are in the city) or municipality and set up
your tax payments. Can be done on a monthly basis with TIPP program in Calgary.

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