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7 things to know about southeast Calgary's residential real estate market

Here are seven facts about activity in the quadrant last month, writes Josh Skapin, at the Calgary Herald.

1. Selection in the quick possession segment cooled off. There were 67 single-family homes that completed construction but were left unabsorbed in the quadrant last month, says Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. This typically reflects spec and show homes. A year earlier, there were 126 of these homes.

2. Prices on spec homes stepped up. The average price on completed but unabsorbed single-family homes in southeast Calgary last month was $726,373, which was the highest in Calgary. In April 2015, the average was $672,954.

3. A stretch of new communities in southeast Calgary had a wide lead on single-family homes under construction. CMHC tracks housing activity by community clusters and one comprised of New Brighton, Copperfield, Cranston, Auburn Bay, and Mahogany had 344 single-family homes underway last month. That was more than 100 clear of the next most active group, including Sherwood and Nolan Hill, which had 230.

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