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Calgary Walkout Basement – Is it for You?

Mon, 05 Feb by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

 I have sold many homes in Calgary, with and without walkout basement. Buyers need to determine if a walkout is going to fit into their lifestyle and meet their families needs. Lets take Mom & Dad and three children under ten, ages 3, 5 and 7. There is a “stay at home Mom” at the moment and wants to let her children go into the fenced backyard and watch them play on the lawn while she is busy in the kitchen on the main floor. The kitchen overlooks the backyard and has a door for direct access for her and the children. So in this case a walk out basement does not work! She also has a dog that also wants quick access to the yard. There are many situations where parents with young children and pets where the walkout basement does not work and is not practical. So buyers need to pay special attention when buying a Calgary home with a walkout.

Families with teenage children however can benefit from the walkout basement, it gives a third level where teenage’s can hang out with their friends and there is often 1 or 2 bedrooms in the basement. Or the buyer may want to rent out the walkout area to a tenant as a basement suite, since it has a separate entrance and may be able to walk to rear garage. For these reasons and the added benefits of a third level with family space and good lighting we do have a large demand for walkouts. But they are not for all families.

You do pay more in Calgary for a house with a walkout basement. We can do a search for Calgary homes that have finished walkout basements, just contact Geoff Antrum, REALTOR® at 403 608 5682, or Matt Antrum, REALTOR®  at 403 608 5684). We both work at CIR REALTY in Calgary. Or email at:

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Calgary Move-Up Buyers! Why it May be a Good Time to Buy and Sell in Calgary in 2016

Sat, 03 Oct by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

CIR_newLogo_final As media outlets are currently busy focusing on Canada’s downturned market, technical recession, and the hit to our economy  due to low oil prices, many Calgarians are receiving the message that “the sky is falling”. However, while we all need  to  sympathize with Albertans who are having difficult times, families also need to look at their own situation and if you need to  “Move-Up” due to an expanding family then you should not be in a “hold mode” due to the negative news.

In reality, this is a very good time to move up in the Calgary housing market. For example, let’s take a young couple living in a townhouse or starter home that want to expand into the larger family home market. The townhouse may not have moved up in price over the past 12 months, however the family home you plan to buy has not moved in price, either. The “price differential” has not change from this time last year, i.e. the family home price minus the townhouse price is essentially the same. Even if home prices have dropped 2% or 3 % in past 12 months, the “price differential” is steady.

The other good news is mortgage rates have come down over the past 12 months. Right now Buyers have the best opportunity for very low mortgage rates. For example, a five year fixed rate has dropped down to 2.50% (today’s rate) from approx. 3.00% (12 months ago). These low mortgage rates can translate into large savings on your overall monthly payments. Are you curious just how much you may save? Please contact us for your pre-approval needs.

Obviously, as a seller you have to be realistic when you list your home and price is key to selling, as this also applies to the home you will be buying.

REALTOR© Tip for Calgary Move Up Buyers: It is optimal to have your home listed with a firm Offer in place before you buy your next home. This reduces stress and allows you to be in financial control. Speak to your REALTOR© about planning the sale of your home and purchase. The timing & planning of your “Move Up” is essential.