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How Do First Time Buyers Break into Calgary Real Estate Market?

Tue, 09 Jul by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

What Do First time Buyers need to know to break into Calgary Housing Market in 2013?

Homes & Condos under $450,000 are selling faster than past few years. Its a Sellers market. So good quality homes that are priced right will not be on the market for very long. A matter of days in a few key areas of Calgary. There can be multiple Offers and homes can sell at List price.

Buyers who keep waiting for a home to drop in price can be disappointed since it could easily sell if it is close to market value. This is where Buyers need a REALTOR® to guide them on price and market value.

Buyers can get caught up in the hype and over pay.  Speak to your REALTOR® about market value for the community you are buying in. Ask your REALTOR®  “What is the Average Drop Price for community you are planning to buy in”?

Buyers who procrastinate and are indecisive will miss out!
  If you see a home or condo that stands out from the crowd and looks like great value, don’t wait. The 2013 market is fast and many buyers will be looking at the same property, for the same reasons. A REALTOR® can help Buyers make an informed decision in a fast market that is in the interest of the Buyer.

Before You Make an Offer: Ask your REALTOR® is this home at market value?

Please check out First Time Buyers Check List for 2013.

The Calgary Flood of 2013 has made the rental market very tight and this is impacting the market for Starter homes in Calgary.

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Coventry Hills Real Estate – Where is Coventry Hills in Calgary?

Thu, 30 May by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

Many buyers say they want to view homes for sale in Coventry Hills, but they are not sure where it is? Is it in NE Calgary or NW Calgary?
Coventry Hills as far as the CREB City of Calgary Map goes, shows Coventry Hills in the NW Calgary zone, known as Zone A.
However from a postal point of view this community is in NE Calgary, since it is east of Center Street.
REALTORS®show Coventry Hills as though it in NW Calgary, since its proximity to the other north west communities is very close.
Geographically it is also west of Deer Foot Trail which puts it in Zone A  “NW Area”.

Coventry Hills boarders with the communities of Country Hills Village (NE Calgary), Panorama Hills (NW Calgary) and Harvest Hills (NE Calgary).
If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Coventry Hills please call Matt Antrum, REALTOR® at CIR REALTY, 403 608 5684 or Geoff Antrum, REALTOR®, at CIR REALTY, 403 608 5682.

 Please check out this link for homes for sale in Coventry Hills in Calgary.

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Planning to Sell Your Home in Coventry Hills? Please check this link out.

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Coventry Hills Calgary : Community and Real Estate Information

Mon, 27 May by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

Coventry Hills Calgary : Community & Real Estate Information

House price’s in Coventry Hills range from approx. $250,000 (apartment) upto $600,000 for a new large family home.
Coventry Hills real estate has brand new homes and homes that were built in early 1990’s. Coventry Hills is close to Deerfoot Trail, Stoney Trail, and Country Hills Blvd. It also has good access to Calgary International airport and Airdire. This is a family community with affordable homes, with many starter homes, townhouses and larger family homes. There are some great deals in Coventry Hills please  search  for all the homes for sale in Coventry Hills.
Matt Antrum REALTOR®  &  Geoff Antrum REALTOR® buy and sell homes in Coventry Hills with CIR Realty. Please call us for buying your next home or do you want a free home evaluation. Matt Antrum lives in Coventry Hills so he knows the community well and has a good understanding of the Coventry Hills real estate, shops, schools and amenities that are available to Coventry Hills residents and home buyers.

The Northern Hills Community Association (NHCA) was established in 1998 and is comprised of Coventry Hills, Panorama Hills, Harvest Hills, Country Hills, and Country Hills Village.

These communities are all relatively new residential developments located on the northern edge of Calgary. The current population of these communities is in the order of 50,000 people and is expected to grow to about 60,000 people when completely developed. The population encompasses a wide variety of ethnic and socio-economical backgrounds.

There are several golf courses in the area, as well as numerous restaurants, shopping facilities, theatres, and indoor and outdoor recreation facilities. The area includes commerical and retail business enterprises and light industrial business parks. The Northern Hills area is home to numerous public and separate elementary, middle, and high schools, and is serviced by police, fire, library, and other City of Calgary support services. It is bounded on the south and west by Beddington Trail, on the north by Stoney Trail, and on the east by Deerfoot Trail.

The NHCA currently maintains an office in Cardel Place. Being the recognized voice for these rapidly developing communities, the NHCA is active in the areas of community planning and development, community advocacy, beautification and enhancement, sports and recreation, and traffic and noise issues.

The NHCA operates the largest community-based youth soccer program in Calgary with some 1200 registered children and also publishes a monthly newsletter that is delivered free to 15,000 residents and businesses in the area.

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