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Calgary Move-Up Buyers! Why it May be a Good Time to Buy and Sell in Calgary in 2016

Sat, 03 Oct by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

CIR_newLogo_final As media outlets are currently busy focusing on Canada’s downturned market, technical recession, and the hit to our economy  due to low oil prices, many Calgarians are receiving the message that “the sky is falling”. However, while we all need  to  sympathize with Albertans who are having difficult times, families also need to look at their own situation and if you need to  “Move-Up” due to an expanding family then you should not be in a “hold mode” due to the negative news.

In reality, this is a very good time to move up in the Calgary housing market. For example, let’s take a young couple living in a townhouse or starter home that want to expand into the larger family home market. The townhouse may not have moved up in price over the past 12 months, however the family home you plan to buy has not moved in price, either. The “price differential” has not change from this time last year, i.e. the family home price minus the townhouse price is essentially the same. Even if home prices have dropped 2% or 3 % in past 12 months, the “price differential” is steady.

The other good news is mortgage rates have come down over the past 12 months. Right now Buyers have the best opportunity for very low mortgage rates. For example, a five year fixed rate has dropped down to 2.50% (today’s rate) from approx. 3.00% (12 months ago). These low mortgage rates can translate into large savings on your overall monthly payments. Are you curious just how much you may save? Please contact us for your pre-approval needs.

Obviously, as a seller you have to be realistic when you list your home and price is key to selling, as this also applies to the home you will be buying.

REALTOR© Tip for Calgary Move Up Buyers: It is optimal to have your home listed with a firm Offer in place before you buy your next home. This reduces stress and allows you to be in financial control. Speak to your REALTOR© about planning the sale of your home and purchase. The timing & planning of your “Move Up” is essential.

Breaking into Calgary Real Estate Market in Late 2014.

Mon, 29 Dec by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

Breaking into Calgary Real Estate Market in Late 2014. What Do Buyers Need to Know?

World Oil Prices are beginning to slow the market and CREB (Calgary Real Estate Board) has indicated (Dec 10, 2014) that we are moving into a Balanced market where house prices will stabilize in 2015.

Please check out the Chart (see below) for “Average Sold Price” in Calgary.

Possible predictions for 2015 house prices in Calgary:

Oil price recovers to $100 a barrel: house prices will probably continue to rise, like 2014.

Oil price stabilizes at $70 a barrel: house prices will probably remain flat.

Oil price drops to $40 a barrel: house prices will probably decline.

CREB® is going to make a 2015 Calgary Housing Market Forecast in mid January 2015 for the up coming year. So we will provide a more accurate predictions once the CREB® 2015 Forecast is available.

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Breaking into Calgary Housing Market in 2014

Sat, 18 Jan by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

Breaking into Calgary Housing Market in 2014. What Do Buyers Need to Know

Calgary Homes & Condos are selling more rapidly than 2009 to 2012.

It’s a Calgary Seller’s market in 2014, similar story as 2013.

Housing Inventory is down: less number of homes for Buyers to choose from.

So good quality homes that are priced right will not be on the market for very long. A matter of days in a few key areas of Calgary. There can be multiple Offers and homes can sell at List price. Buyers who keep waiting for a home to drop in price can be disappointed since it could easily sell if it’s close to market value. This is where Buyers need a  REALTOR® to guide them on price and market value. Buyers can get caught up in the hype and over pay. So speak to your REALTOR® about market value for community you are buying in.  Ask your REALTOR® what is the Average Drop Price for Calgary community you are planning to buy in.

Calgary Buyers who procrastinate & are indecisive will miss out!  If you see a home or condo that stands out from the crowd and looks like great value, don’t wait. The 2014 market is fast and many buyers will be looking at the same property, for the same reasons. A REALTOR®  can help Buyers make an informed decision in a fast market that is in the interest of the Buyer.

Calgary Market Conditions                    2013                 2014 (Forecast)

  • Seller’s Market                        Yes                  Yes
  • Single Family Home Price Gain         7.8%                 3.8%
  • Net Migration to Calgary              19,000              15,000
  • Rental Vacancy Rate                    1.0%                 1.2%
  • Calgary  GDP                           3.4%                 3.7%
  • USA GDP                                1.6%                 2.5%

(Data taken from CREB 2014 Economic Outlook & Regional Housing Forecast)

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Jarome Iginla Lists His Luxury Calgary Home at 628 Britannia Drive, in Elboya Calgary

Tue, 23 Apr by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

Jarome Iginla Lists His Luxury Calgary Home at 628 Britannia Drive, in Elboya Calgary

So will Jarome sign with the Flames next season? Probably not since his Luxury Custom Built Home is on the market this week and you can buy this Calgary Real Estate for $3,995,000.
This Luxury Calgary Home has 5 bedrooms with on-suites, great views of Calgary sky line. The lot is 1031 square meters and house is 4,883 square feet in size. This home is in the inner city of Calgary in Elboya. Elboya offers a bi-lingual Elementary and Junior High school. Elbow river is to the north and Elboya is close to Calgary Scotia Bank Saddledome and Calgary Stampede Grounds.

Description of Jerome Iginla’s Luxury Home:

Please call Matt Antrum or Geoff Antrum at CIR REALTY to view this home or any home for sale in Calgary at


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Selling your Calgary Home: Online Marketing Works “GOOGLE, MLS®, Realtor Sites”

Mon, 15 Apr by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

Selling your Calgary Home: Online Marketing Works “GOOGLE, MLS® & REALTOR® Sites”

1) Google: is by far the most important Search Engine for marketing your home. Adwords and Organic marketing both work on Google.

2)  MLS® (Multiple Listing Service) is a “must have” for selling your home (www.REALTOR®.ca) in Calgary. The service allows many Buyers and REALTORS®  to view online your home and make an appointment to view.

3) REALTOR® Websites that are using Google to advertise your home is also very important.

Matt Antrum and Geoff Antrum  REALTOR® Services use Google,   MLS® and to sell your home with CIR REALTY.

Please check out our website,  if you are planning to sell or buy a home in the next few months. Call us at 403 608 5684 (Matt Antrum) or 403 608 5682 (Geoff Antrum).

2014 is going to be an exciting year for real estate in Calgary. We are planning to release a new real estate website in 2014.
So please stay tuned for our updates and Blogs.


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Thinking of Selling Your Calgary Home ?

Sun, 27 May by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

Are you planning to sell your Calgary home in 2014? Calgary Real Estates sales are increasing over last year.

Please look over our website for useful information on selling your Calgary home.

We have Listing Services for all Calgary Sellers: Budget, Premium or Elite.

Your home will be advertised on at least 5 websites including

Just call Geoff Antrum at 403 608 5682 or Matt Antrum 403 608 5684 for Free Home Evaluation.

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What Is Your Calgary Home Worth? How does a Seller find out the Value of their home?

Sat, 25 Feb by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

What Is Your Calgary Home Worth? How does a Seller find out the value of their home?

Some Sellers rely on the City of Calgary Assessed Value when it comes to selling their home. And when it comes time to sell their home they expect their REALTOR® to use this assessed value for the List Price. The sellers expectations have been set not by market value but by a City assessment.

Have you just recently seen your assessed value come in the mail. Please read on………….

Here is an example for you. Two homes (Homes A & B) on the same street, that were built by the same builder, 1992 for example, that have identical: sq feet, # bedrooms, # bathrooms, both have finished basements, double attached garage, same lot size that is fenced, similar location and views. The City of Calgary would have an assessed value that is the same, for example $450,000.

However, when a REALTOR®  views the two homes for value and conducts a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) the home values are significantly different than the City Assessed Value. Why is this?

Home A: Has been rented for the past 20 years, over 15 tenants! The home is in its original state. In other words we have the original flooring (carpets and lino), kitchen, appliances, same paint work, blinds, same deck, roof, window frames/doors, and furnace. No renovations have been done on the home. Its looks worn out and ready for a major renovation. The  REALTOR® CMA List Price comes in at $430,000.

Home B: Has the original owner still living there. The home has been totally updated and renovated: hardwood and tile flooring, new kitchen: with granite and new cabinets, new high end appliances, well painted home (inside and out), expensive blinds/drapes, new deck (maintenance free), new window frames/doors, new roof, new furnace, landscaped gardens. The home is in top notch condition, ready for selling.  The REALTOR® CMA List Price comes in at $490,000.

 So with a REALTOR® CMA we can have this difference of $60,000 between the two homes, and the city assessment is the same for the two homes?

A second effect or delay, is the City assessment timing. It’s out of date when you get it!

“An assessor reviews and measures the real estate market on July 01, 2011 to establish typical market rates. Your property assessment is based on the real estate conditions as of July 1 of the previous year and the physical characteristics and condition of your property as of December 31 of the previous year. This again skews the value of your home, since homes could have changed in price, for example, they may have increased by $10,000 since the City did the assessment.

A CMA conducted by a REALTOR® is for homes sold now, in the past 1 to 3 months on your street and community. Not the previous year. The CMA reviews the condition of your home today and takes into account the improvements or lack of them.

So sellers when you come to sell your home please look at the REALTOR®CMA as the major influence in choosing a List Price. Be very careful of using the City assessed value that was conducted last year. The assessed value is really meant to establish your taxes. It does not look at specific homes and what the seller has done with the property over the past 20 years.

So if you are thinking of selling your home in the next few months please call or email us and we can conduct a REALTOR®  CMA that is based on homes that have just sold in your community and street, and we can also review your home for renovations and upgrades.
Please check out our site for   Thinking of Selling?  as a first step and contact us if you plan to sell this year.  Sell Your Home with CIR REALTY, call 403 608 5682 for more information. Check our website at

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Check List For Calgary Buyers

Fri, 16 Sep by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

Check List For Calgary Buyers

1. Mortgage pre-approval is required to make an Offer on a Home.
REALTOR® will need bank agent name & contact tel. # to confirm.

2. Deposit cheque is required at time of Offer, usually $5,000 to $10,000.
Deposit is returned to the Buyer if Buyers Conditions are not met.

3. Minimum Down payment is usually 5% or more, unless the Buyer is using Zero down mortgage.
Down payment is required before Possession day.  The deposit usually goes towards the down payment.

4. Purchase Price of Home is negotiable. Seller & Buyer need to be motivated and willing to negotiate a deal that is fair to both parties.
What are comparable homes selling for in community? What is Calgary housing market doing?
Ask your REALTOR®  “What is the average drop for List to Sold price in area you plan to buy in?”

5. Offer has to be prepared in writing by the Buyers REALTOR®.

6. Does the Buyer have to terminate their rental agreement?

7. Home Inspection is highly recommended. Buyer pays for inspection.

8. Buyers Conditions are recommended in the Offer to protect the Buyer:
• Finance Condition for mortgage approval
• Home Inspection Condition
• Condo Review Condition (only if buying condo)
• 5 to 10 days is usually allowed for Buyers to meet conditions.

9. Photo ID is required for all the Buyers, e.g. Drivers License or Passport.

10. Look on for Calgary Homes For sale.

Example: Home Purchase Price is $300,000
Deposit: $5,000 required at time of Offer (goes towards the down payment)
Down Payment: $5,000 plus $10,000 Total: $15,000 (5% of purchase price)
Note the deposit is negotiable and may vary.

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Relocating to Calgary Canada

Tue, 26 Jul by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

Relocating to Calgary Canada: For many Canadian families, Relocating is something that cannot be avoided and as we see Alberta merging out of recession as one of Canada’s top economic powers, Calgary Alberta has become a very desirable city of choice. Alberta is expected to lead the country in job creation over 2011-2012 periods. With low interest rates and affordable living it is no wonder why many Canadians all over the country are choosing Calgary as their new home.

As your  REALTORS® we understand moving can be a overwhelming process, but if you stay organized, stick to a schedule, and prepare for the unexpected, you will arrive in your new house more relaxed and ready to set up your new home. CIR REALTY has complied a Relocation Guide that can assist you through the entire beginning to end process. We would be more than happy to share this guide with you. Please click on Contact and request your copy today, or visit
If you are moving from Oversea’s to Calgary please click for more information: Oversea’s Buyer.

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