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Seminar – Calgary First Time Buyers

Tue, 21 Aug by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

How do I buy my first property?
Do I want a Condo?
What part of the City do I buy in?
What down payment do I need?
Can I break my rental agreement?
Can I get pre-approved for a mortgage?
Do I need a Realtor? Mortgage Broker?
What sort of market am I buying into?

What are your next steps for getting into the Calgary real estate market in 2018?
Is now a good time to buy?

We are having a Seminar in September for Calgary First Time Buyers, who are planning to buy a home. If this interests you please RSVP to Geoff Antrum at email: or call/text 403 608 5682, for a place. Seating is limited. Look forward to seeing you.
We have a Mortgage Expert (Brooke Bartlett) on hand and two seasoned REALTORS, (Matt Antrum & Geoff Antrum). So bring your questions and concerns and we will assist you in buying your next home.

The date for the Seminar is: Thursday 20th September 2018.
Time: 6.30 pm to 8 pm.
Place: CIR REALTY Head Office
Address: 703 64 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2H 2C3
Close to Blackfoot Trail and Glenmore Trail.

We will also be handing out a Buyers Package with tips and ideas on how to buy your first home.
Snacks and beverages will be served.
No commitment is required just turn up and listen, ask questions!

Be informed before you buy!

Moving to Calgary in Alberta Canada in 2018

Sat, 24 Feb by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

Are you planning to move to Calgary in Alberta Canada?
Please check out this video and also Calgary Homes for Sale

Calgary Walkout Basement – Is it for You?

Mon, 05 Feb by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

 I have sold many homes in Calgary, with and without walkout basement. Buyers need to determine if a walkout is going to fit into their lifestyle and meet their families needs. Lets take Mom & Dad and three children under ten, ages 3, 5 and 7. There is a “stay at home Mom” at the moment and wants to let her children go into the fenced backyard and watch them play on the lawn while she is busy in the kitchen on the main floor. The kitchen overlooks the backyard and has a door for direct access for her and the children. So in this case a walk out basement does not work! She also has a dog that also wants quick access to the yard. There are many situations where parents with young children and pets where the walkout basement does not work and is not practical. So buyers need to pay special attention when buying a Calgary home with a walkout.

Families with teenage children however can benefit from the walkout basement, it gives a third level where teenage’s can hang out with their friends and there is often 1 or 2 bedrooms in the basement. Or the buyer may want to rent out the walkout area to a tenant as a basement suite, since it has a separate entrance and may be able to walk to rear garage. For these reasons and the added benefits of a third level with family space and good lighting we do have a large demand for walkouts. But they are not for all families.

You do pay more in Calgary for a house with a walkout basement. We can do a search for Calgary homes that have finished walkout basements, just contact Geoff Antrum, REALTOR® at 403 608 5682, or Matt Antrum, REALTOR®  at 403 608 5684). We both work at CIR REALTY in Calgary. Or email at:

We can quickly prepare a search for you for walkout basement homes in Calgary.

Please check out our websites at: and

Calgary Starter Homes $300,000 and Up, No Condo Fees

Wed, 31 Jan by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

 Please check out Calgary Starter Homes, $300,000 and up, with no Condo Fees.

Call us at 403 608 5682 for showing times and questions.

We have new and resale, Calgary Starter homes ranging from $300,000 to $460,000.  Ask about homes Below Market Value.

Detached sales activity boosts February housing market Feb. 2017

Thu, 02 Mar by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

DetachCIR_newLogo_finaled sales activity boosts February housing market Feb. 2017

Calgary Housing Market Report , March 1, 2017 – After the first two months of the year, Calgary’s detached sector continues to drive a slow transition in the housing market. February sales totaled 1,342 units, which is still 19 per cent below long-term averages, but an improvement over the past two years. As sales kept trending upward, detached inventory levels continued to ease in February. These conditions caused months of supply to fall to 2.4 months, putting less downward pressure on pricing. Unadjusted detached benchmark prices totaled $501,900 in February, which is one per cent lower than prices recorded last year, but slightly higher than January figures. “There seems to be a new sense of optimism these days,” said CREB® president David P. Brown. “Some sellers are feeling upbeat about the changing landscape and the improved chances of selling their home. Other people are looking at the spring market with caution and wondering if we’re going to see a higher than expected surge of listings. While there’s less product on the market right now, sellers still need to be realistic with their pricing.” The amount of excess inventory eased in the overall market in February, setting the stage for a transition to a more stable market this year. Months of supply totaled 3.4 months, down from five months over last February. At the same time, the sales-to-new-listings ratio trended from a near record February low of 39 per cent last year to 55 per cent this February. With sales improving and new listings and inventories contracting—two key measures of market balance, there’s good evidence to show that the housing market has started a trend toward more balanced conditions. “The transition in the housing market appears to be underway,” said CREB® chief economist Ann-Marie Lure. “However, it is important to note that this change is primarily being driven by improvements in the detached market and stability in the labour market.” “It will take some time for these conditions to translate into all housing segments and achieve price recovery,” said Lurie. “But all indicators continue to point toward a slow transition from a contracting market toward one that is stabilizing at lower levels.”

What Are The New Canadian Mortgage Rules?

Wed, 02 Nov by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

What Are The New Mortgage Rules?  As of 17th October 2016.

  1. The government will restrict insurance on mortgages to loans on owner-occupied dwellings with amortization periods less than or equal to 25 years, purchase prices (not loan amounts) of less than $1 million, and for borrowers who meet a minimum credit score standard of 600.
  2. All insured mortgages in Canada (i.e. any mortgage where the borrower puts less than 20% down OR portfolio insured mortgages – i.e bulk insured loans with MORE than 20% down) will be underwritten using posted rates to qualify borrowers based on their income. For perspective, based on today’s rates, that means a borrower that could qualify for a mortgage at a 5-year fixed rate of 2.29% now will have to qualify – as of the 17th of October – at the qualifying rate of 4.64%.
  3. Foreign buyers will need to prove that a home they sell is their primary residence to avoid capital gains tax exemption abuse.

For example, if you have an annual household income of $60,000 and all other variables remain the same, the difference between the old rules and the new rules are a $338,000 home vs. a $272,000 home. Your purchasing power just went down by $66,000.

Another example, a home buyer currently qualified to purchase with 10% down for a mortgage of $527,000. After October 17th, this home buyer would qualify for a $420,000 mortgage. This equates to a 20% drop in buying power. (All things being equal in terms of property taxes, income, debts, etc).

Useful Tip: If you’re a homebuyer and you have a pre-approval, then talk to your mortgage broker because the numbers you qualify for probably just changed. It maybe more difficult for Sellers to find a quailifed Buyer, and it may affect property prices in Alberta, we will have to wait and see.

Some of this information was provided by First Foundation, please check out this link for more information.

Are You Looking to Buy a Calgary Infill Home?

Tue, 19 Jul by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

Looking for a Calgary Infill Home? Calgary Infill homes come in many shapes and sizes and are generally in the inner city communities, such as Altadore, West Hillurst, & Killarney. Infill homes can be new builds or homes that are built in the last 30 years. The advantage of the Infill over the suburbs is the closeness to down town, restaurants, shops, bike paths, walking to work, less commute time, etc. Infill homes range in price from $400k to $2,000,000 plus. This website has all the Infill Homes For Sale in Calgary on MLS®. Please check out this link:
The term “infill” describes a form of development where a new home is built on an older lot and the old structure is removed. Hence, the existing lot is “filled in” with something new.

New Alberta Government – How Does This Affect Alberta Home Buyers? Its Good News!

Wed, 06 May by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

One major tax that Jim Prentice was planning went under the RADAR for most Albertan’s.

It was part of the PC Budget and dramatic fee hikes coming to Alberta real estate market.

This was one major over reaction by Prentice and would of hit first time buyers very hard.

The tax will rise six times its current level. (What gave anyone the right to raise them by this amount!)

Here is what it will mean for a buyer who purchases a $500,000 new home this summer.

The average price for a standalone house in Calgary for Buyer who takes out a $400,000 mortgage.

Currently, Buyer pays $150 for New Land Title and $140 for Mortgage Registration. Total of $290.

Proposed PC (Prentice) Budget:

Buyer pays $675 for New Land Title and $555 for Mortgage Registration.  Total of $1,230.

This major tax increase was not called for!

Notley (NDP) makes buying a home more affordable by cancelling PC Mortgage Tax hike!

Rachel Notley’s NDP will make homes more affordable for Buyers and families by cancelling the PC plan
to increase Mortgage and Land Title Taxes by 600 percent!


Calgary Housing Inventory Up = More Choice for Buyers

Wed, 04 Feb by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

Calgary Housing Inventory Up = More Choice for Buyers

It was about this time last year that Calgary’s hot real estate market was difficult for the average buyer to get into. With multiple offers and low inventory buyers felt the stress and frustration and often put their purchase on hold to wait out the frenzy.

Moving forward to the present, inventory has risen and buyers are being offered more choice. The average buyer is not looking to acquire rental properties and is therefore looking to purchase a home to live in and now with a balanced market coupled with low interest rates is a perfect opportunity for buyers to make a home purchase.

Real estate is typically a long term investment and with any investment it is best not to wait too long on a good deal or it could get snapped up.  Short term fluctuations in the market are normal and some may argue that it’s best to get in while you can rather than wait for the market to sky rocket.

Buying a home for your family is something you can hold on to and know that your money is growing in the long term. It’s a place to come home to and create memories in and with Calgary’s balanced market it might be the right time for you.

Please check out this link for mortgage pre-approval:  and

Please check out: for Calgary Homes For Sale

Or Call Geoff Antrum at 403 608 5682 or Matt Antrum 403 608 5684.
We Educate Our Clients Before They Make A Move!

Calgary Renters Think About Buying? Interest Rates Are Down!

Sun, 01 Feb by Geoff Antrum & Matt Antrum (Father & Son Team)

Low Interest Rates Give Calgary’s Housing Market an Added Boost and Calgary Renters more choice to buy.

With the Bank of Canada lowering its prime lending rate, major banks are starting to follow suit and pass the savings onto consumers, making buying a home more affordable.

While January and February are typically slower months on the market there are definitely still buyers out there who are now able to make their purchase. Check out Jencor’s current rates below to see how much you can save.

Please check out this link for mortgage pre-approval:


5 YR fixed rate MORTgage

Posted Rate: 4.94%


4 YR fixed rate MORTgage

Posted Rate: 4.54%


3 YR fixed rate MORTgage

Posted Rate: 3.75%


2 YR fixed rate MORTgage

Posted Rate: 3.04%

2.69% 1 YR fixed rate MORTgage

Posted Rate: 3.14%


5 Yr Variable Rate Mortgage

Posted Rate: 3.00%