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You can request Sold Calgary Homes pricing data by filling out the form below. Make sure to include your community name, the type of home you have, and the approximate size. Geoff Antrum and Matt Antrum will be happy to send a report with current Calgary market information specific to your neighbourhood and your home.

Discount: If you Buy a Home and Sell your Home with us we can provide a Discount to List and Sell your home. We can explain at the Free Home Evaluation the discounts that are available for Sellers.

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What are the Top Two Question Sellers want to know before Selling their home? 

1) What is the market value of my home today?

2) What do I have to do to get my home ready to sell?
We have the answer and will list key features of your home that will maximise the dollar value of your home. Its not always about money but can be more about presentation and staging.


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The first step in understanding what your Calgary home is worth in today's real estate market is to know what price actual homes of comparable size and style in your community have sold for recently. The real estate market can change quickly, and these shifts from Sellers Market to Buyers Market are reflected in the price homes are actually selling for.

It's important to remember the prices you see when browsing properties on a website are Listing Prices. Since the process of buying and selling real estate is a negotiation, this price is just a starting point: sometimes the actual price a home sells for can be tens of thousands of dollars more or less than the price listed in the Calgary MLS® System! The best way to understand the real value of your home is compare it to other recently sold homes in your neighbourhood.